MELBOURNE, Australia, Oct. 29, 2021: A Melbourne software company has developed an innovative new solution to help shoppers stay COVID Safe as retail reopens. WingArc Australia’s Real-Time Occupancy monitoring uses data from the store’s security cameras to automatically count the number of shoppers in-store at any one time. The results can be displayed in real time on a tablet or screen at the store entrance, allowing retailers to easily manage the number of shoppers in store to stay compliant, and provide a safe space for their customers.

Global brand MUJI RETAIL (AUSTRALIA) PTY LTD. has already implemented real-time occupancy monitoring across its Australian outlets. The system has been running at MUJI’s Sydney and Canberra stores since reopening, and will go live at MUJI’s Melbourne store at Chadstone Shopping Centre today, as well as MUJI’s Emporium store when it reopens on Saturday.

Real-time occupancy is part of WingArc Australia’s Retail Analytics platform, which brings detailed data and analytics capability to physical retail. Using the feed from the store’s CCTV cameras, it can provide bricks and mortar retailers with a wealth of information about in store activity, from shopper counts to interactive heat maps showing which areas of the store are more popular. It also integrates with Point of Sale data to build detailed reports on the store’s performance, giving retailers the information they need to make informed strategic decisions.

“We know retailers have had it tough through the lockdowns,” said Steven Hulse, CEO of WingArc Australia. “Solutions like real-time occupancy monitoring can help stores to keep track of the number of people shopping at once, so they can easily comply with the current density limits.”

“We want to make shopping safe and convenient for our customers as we welcome them back to our stores, and using technology such as this enables our store team to focus completely on customer service,” said Takeshi Fujimoto, Managing Director of MUJI Australia. “The WingArc solution makes it easy to ensure that we meet our obligations, while reassuring our customers of our commitment to their health and wellbeing.”

The WingArc Retail Analytics platform combines video analytics, machine learning, predictive capability and POS integration. Through interactive dashboards and daily reports, it can help stores to understand their customers, validate their marketing activities, optimise staff rosters, and ultimately increase revenue.

WingArc Australia

About WingArc Australia: Melbourne-based WingArc Australia develops software and solutions for data analytics, visualisation and processing. Its global customer base includes government agencies and private organisations who collect, process and publish data to deliver strategic insights and drive business decision making.

WingArc Australia’s parent company, WingArc1st, is Japan’s market leading provider of business intelligence software.


About MUJI: Founded in Japan in 1980, MUJI is now a global retail brand with 975 stores around the world. Its product lines include a wide variety of unbranded, private label items ranging from clothing and household goods to food and even houses. In Australia, MUJI has stores in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne.

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