MELBOURNE, Australia, October 16, 2023: AZENDIAN SOLUTIONS (Azendian), the award-winning Singapore-based AI Energy Optimisation and Engineering Intelligence provider, today announced its partnership with data empowerment solution provider WingArc to bring the Azendian product suite to the global market. Headquartered in Singapore, Azendian is an AI, Data Science and Operations Technology company that equips asset owners and businesses to achieve sustainability, ESG and productivity goals.

Azendian’s AI solutions have integrated the market-leading WingArc MotionBoard BI technology to provide users with powerful, detailed and usable intelligence on engineering and AI data. Azendian’s product suite spans from AI-powered Energy Optimisation, Fault and False Detection, Predictive Maintenance in commercial HVAC facilities to Unified Platform Command and Control Centres for multi-national infrastructure engineering facilities and the renewable energy sector.

“We are excited about our partnership with WingArc as we enlarge our foothold in Australia, a key market for Azendian. With multiple new projects already commencing in New South Wales and Victoria, we will further advance our AI-driven energy optimisation solutions to accelerate the progress towards a more sustainable Built Environment,” said Bill Lee, Azendian’s Founder & CEO.

”We are proud to be providing our business intelligence solution MotionBoard as the presentation layer for the Azendian platform“, said Steven Hulse, CEO of WingArc Australia. “MotionBoard is designed to bring all your data into a single unified view that gives you the power to analyse and visualise the situation in real time and make informed decisions in a matter of seconds. It’s the perfect fit for Azendian’s innovative solutions.”

As recent as August 2023, Azendian was presented with the ASEAN Energy Award as Winner of the Energy Efficient Building - Special Submission - Cutting Edge Technology. The ASEAN Energy Awards is Southeast Asia’s highest accolade to recognise a greater private sector participation and interest in energy development and usage in ASEAN in partnership with the public sector. The Awards aim to promote awareness on best practices in the energy sector and encourage the private sector in clean energy transition, resilience, and sustainability technology. The Azendian smart estate solution is the first and only certified under Singapore Green Building Product’s Smart EMS System, helping asset operators achieve the Green Mark certification.

Azendian’s solutions have been developed for businesses that operate large energy-consuming chiller plants, such as commercial buildings, hospitals, data centres and industrial facilities. To date, Azendian has collaborated with its customers and partners implementing its AI and data-driven solutions in more than 80 buildings and 7 district cooling plants at different stages.

Image Credit: Keppel

About WingArc

WingArc1st is a leading provider of data empowerment and business document solutions that support business intelligence, forms management and digital transformation.

Melbourne-based subsidiary WingArc Australia has been serving the data needs of government agencies and private organisations around the world for over 30 years through data analytics solutions that help organisations to deliver strategic insights and drive decision making.

About Azendian

Singapore-based Azendian Solutions is the brainchild of a group of veteran Data Management and Advanced Analytics professionals with the growth ambition to become one of Asia’s premier data and AI companies.

It has offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Japan, and Vietnam. Azendian is an AI, Data Science and Operations Technology company that empowers businesses to make informed decisions applying cutting-edge technology of Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning to achieve sustainability, ESG and productivity goals. Azendian’s smart building and energy optimisation solutions for a lower carbon, more sustainable Built Environment are game changing in their approach, methodology and integration of Machine Learning data driven techniques with Operations Technology engineering systems.

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