ABS TableBuilder

Category: Census Data
Location: Australia
Time Period: 2006, 2011 and 2016 census data
Updated: Australian Census conducted every 5 years
Link: abs.gov.au/websitedbs/censushome.nsf/home/tablebuilder

DWP Stat-Xplore

Category: Benefits/Social Security Data
Location: UK
Time Period: Ongoing
Updated: Monthly / Quarterly (depending on dataset)
Link: stat-xplore.dwp.gov.uk

Statistics South Africa

Category: Census and Surveys
Location: South Africa
Time Period: Ongoing
Updated: Census conducted every 10 years; Regular surveys
Link: superweb.statssa.gov.za/webapi/

Tourism Research Australia

Category: Tourism and Travel
Location: Australia
Time Period: 1998 onwards
Updated: Quarterly
Link: traonline.tra.gov.au

Department of Health

Category: Health Workforce Data
Location: Australia
Time Period: 2009 onwards
Updated: Annually
Link: hwd.health.gov.au