Unlock the Value of Public Open Data

Governments around the world are increasingly recognising the value of their data, and the tremendous potential benefits that come from opening access to that data.

We believe that those benefits can only be realised if the data is truly open. That means it must be:

  • Flexible enough to allow users to ask their own questions (not just static reports or aggregations)
  • Accessible to everyone (not just the specialists)
  • Released in a way that protects the privacy of the individuals in the data

That’s why our tools make it easy and safe for data publishers to disseminate their data with the world. To learn more about our vision for open data, read the white paper.

The data held by the Australian Government is a strategic national resource that holds considerable value for growing the economy, improving service delivery and transforming policy outcomes for the Nation.

The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP

Former Prime Minister of Australia

Trusted By the World’s Leading Statistical Organisations

Access Open Data in SuperWEB2 Now

We’ve collected a number of publicly-available data sets, including Australian Bureau of Statistics Cubes, as well as Open Data from the UK and US and added them to a demonstration of our SuperWEB2 data dissemination platform.

SuperWEB2 is designed for publishing and disseminating data to any audience you need to reach. It’s a fully self-service data discovery platform that gives your users the power to ask any question they like of the data. All they need is a standard web browser.

Try our demonstration site now to see the power of open data for yourself.

Publishing Open Data? You Need Perturbation

To protect the people in your data, you need a robust confidentiality solution that automatically applies statistical disclosure control to everything you release.

We have worked in collaboration with government agencies around the world to develop a unique solution—perturbation—that addresses privacy concerns without compromising the flexibility or usefulness of your data.

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