SPA is your complete document management, process and workflow tool. Combine all your business documentation into a single repository with automated version control, life-cycle management, auditing features, security and more.

Overwhelmed with paper documents? Simply scan your existing paper documents and SPA's Optical Character Recognition capability does the rest. It can even automatically organise your documents into folders based on your business logic. Once documents are loaded into SPA you can find what you need with its advanced repository-wide search capability.

And you can unlock the potential of your business data by integrating with our advanced Business Intelligence platform, MotionBoard to visualise the data archived in SPA over time. Or you can integrate with ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tools or RPA (Robotic Process Automation) software to accelerate business automation.

Automated Document Management

Manage, store and organise all your business documentation in a central repository, including scanned paper documentation with automated OCR text conversion.

Intelligent Search

Advanced search across your entire document repository gives you the information you need at the right time.

Analytics Integration

Integrate with Business Intelligence tools as well as ETL and RPA solutions for analytics and advanced process automation.

Advanced Security

Configure document-level access permissions, password settings, and restrictions such as preventing printing, applying watermarks, masks or redaction, all without modifying the original document.

Achieve the Paperless Office with SPA Document Management

Achieve the Paperless Office

Scan paper documents and the contents are automatically converted to searchable text. Choose from 4 advanced OCR engines, and switch between engines on a field-by-field basis if required for maximum recognition.

Automatic File Sorting

For true document management you need an automated solution for file management and sorting.

With SPA you can add PDFs, images, office files, text files and scanned paper documents, and SPA's rules engine automatically sorts and archives your documents into the right folder.

Automatic File Sorting with SPA Document Management

Advanced Integration

Integrate with our MotionBoard Business Intelligence solution to analyse and visualise your archived data in real time.

Work with ETL and RPA tools to accelerate your business automation.

Integrate Document Management with MotionBoard Business Intelligence

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