The Tool of Choice for Statisticians around the World

SuperCROSS is our fully supported desktop cross tabulation analytics tool for enterprise organisations. This product offers sophisticated analysis of data at any level of detail, from raw data through to highly aggregated cross tabulations—all without the need for programming.

Experts charged with extracting intelligence from huge volumes of raw data can empower organisations to make faster and more appropriate decisions. SuperCROSS gives you the ability to rapidly explore the outcome of different scenarios with large data sets, honing in on a specific subset and extracting the unit record data or quickly making adjustments and conducting further analysis.

SuperCROSS cuts the pain points of data aggregation, manipulation and dissemination, freeing power users to direct their energies to thinking about the interpretation and analysis of complex, high volume data, instead of wrestling with the tools.

That's why it’s the tool of choice for leading analysts and data scientists around the world.

Cross Tabulation Analytics: SuperCROSS

Trusted By the World’s Leading Statistics Organisations

Key Benefits

Rapid query Iteration and Exploration
Ad-hoc data analysis and crosstabs can be performed, enabling patterns and trends to be explored and refined by in-house power users.
Programming Free

Expert users no longer need to use a team of computer programmers to get their desired results. SuperCROSS allows you to quickly create recodes to refine and group classifications to match your analytic goals. These can be used stand-alone or with user-defined fields in cross tabulation tables. Deeply nested tables are easily made using the interactive ‘drag & drop’ capability, all without the need for programming expertise.

Advanced Survey Support

Seamlessly handle weighted surveys using replicate and standard weights.

Rich Metadata

Administrator-defined data set, field, classification value and table cell annotations ensure the user always knows what the data means. Users can also create their own custom annotations.


ColourMatrix helps you find relationship gold in big data mines. Read the White Paper to learn more.

Multiple Export Formats

Export results to a number of open and standard formats, including CSV, Excel and HTML.

SuperCROSS also supports the dominant open standard for data exchange between and within statistical organisations: SDMX, making it straightforward to share metadata-rich tables.