Task Assignment Meets Advanced Analytics

What are your people doing right now? Streamline your task management and assignment processes with MotionBoard Hospitality, then track your team's performance in real time through our advanced analytics platform.

Improve Internal Operations

Easily assign tasks to the best person for the job, direct to their smartphone.

Improve responsiveness with more efficient operations.

Enhance Guest Experience

Reduce wait times, and maximise the guest experience by providing non intrusive, smooth service.

Understand Your Organisation

Advanced analytics and reporting uncover insights into your operations and guest behaviour.

Uncover operational efficiencies through data.

Seamless IoT Integration

Integrate with smart Internet of Things devices for asset tracking, predictive maintenance, and an unparalleled view of the status of your entire facility, both live and historical. Easily see what resources are being used, how they are functioning throughout the day and detect issues before major problems occur to reduce operating expenses and optimise the guest experience.

Real Time Task Management

Quickly assign tasks to the right resource. Your team pick up and respond to jobs through our smartphone app, with all the data automatically fed back to our advanced analytics dashboard.

Hospitality App Notification

MotionBoard Hospitality

Assign. Analyse. Accelerate.

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