Increase Salesforce adoption by enabling bulk data maintenance in Excel

VyNDEX enables users to add, update and manage Salesforce records through Excel. Data entry and editing with Excel is possible even offline.

Simple & Easy to Use

Log in to Salesforce

Log in with your own account. Data viewing permissions follow those set in Salesforce, so there is no security issue.

Bulk edit and input data with Excel

VyNDEX downloads Salesforce data which can be filtered using the Excel functions. Rows of data can then be edited, rearranged, or copy and pasted.



Save edited data into Salesforce

The cells that have been edited will be shaded blue in Excel. Just click through the confirmation dialog to write to Salesforce.
The edit history will also be saved into Salesforce as usual.

Visualise data

Use Excel charts to visualise data. Alternatively, MotionBoard can be used to visualise the data even more powerfully.

Sample scenario: Manage opportunities in Excel

Easy to share

By downloading data as an Excel file, it is easy to share the necessary data with coworkers. When downloading, you can specify a time range or other criteria so only the required data is saved.

Bulk update masses of client records

In some cases it is necessary to make structured changes to a large amount of records. For example, if certain streets became part of a new suburb, it would be extremely time consuming to update each of these records in Salesforce. With VyNDEX, this data could be downloaded and replaced in bulk.

Do more with your data

Features such as filters, functions and formulas make it easy to view and manipulate data you want, whenever you want. 

Take back control of your Salesforce

Comprehensive software suite helps maximise your Salesforce ROI