Real Time Analysis of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing and transforming the world around us into a connected ecosystem of information. By connecting new devices and sensors to the internet, it creates new services and business value.

But IoT is about more than just sensor and device data. To find insights from IoT you need to combine that information with all your other business data to create a unified view of your organisation. And you need advanced analytics to help you understand and derive value from the whole-of-business view.

Enter MotionBoard: a modern Business Intelligence dashboard that can visualise data in real time.

IoT Data in Real Time
Visualise IoT data in real time, providing an environment to make quick business decisions, supported by all the available information
Connect to Any Data Source
Combine IoT sensor data with your other business data in a single unified dashboard view
Real Time Alerts
If specified thresholds are breached, MotionBoard can automatically alert you through an email or a notification through business chat applications such as Slack or Salesforce Chatter
Location Intelligence
Gather real-time location data through sensors or smartphone applications and analyse the results in MotionBoard

Case Studies

Cooperative Farm

Revolutionising farming with MotionBoard IoT.


Wearable IoT for aged care with advanced analytics that promote quality of life, independence and wellbeing.

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