Video Analytics

Uses your existing security camera infrastructure to count traffic and generate heat maps of customer activity in your store.

Capture + Conversion Rate

Integrates with your Point of Sale data to calculate capture rate and conversions, as well as average transaction value.

Dashboard + Reporting

Interactive dashboards provide advanced visibility on store performance, with automated scheduled reporting.

WingArc Retail Analytics

WingArc Retail Analytics helps you understand your customers, reduce costs, and measure your marketing.

It’s actionable intelligence for bricks and mortar retail.

This comprehensive retail analytics platform levels the playing field for bricks and mortar retail operations. Now you can understand your customers — and potential customers — with data like never before, just like your online counterparts.

We leverage your existing security camera infrastructure to analyse activity wherever those cameras are pointing. That means you can count passing foot traffic, customers entering and leaving the store, as well as see which areas of the store get the most and least traffic through intuitive heat maps.

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Retail Heat Maps

See high and low traffic areas, in-store patterns of activity and more with our retail heat map technology.

With our advanced filter options you can slice and dice to see data across different times of day and specific days of the week, as well as monitoring seasonal trends.

Retail Heat Maps Show You Detailed In-Store Activity

Understand your Customers

Understanding your customers is more important than ever before. Now, for the first time, bricks and mortar retail stores can have access to detailed customer data just like their online counterparts. Our innovative technology can give you a breakdown of visitor numbers and customer demographics to bridge the gap between the offline and online retail worlds.

Say hello to Data Empowerment with the WingArc Retail Analytics platform.

Advanced Reporting

WingArc Retail Analytics features interactive dashboards as well as customised email reports.

Your reports can be automatically emailed to all the key stakeholders on a schedule, so you know that everyone is always on the same page.

Advanced Reporting with Retail Analytics

Road Test Your Marketing

Use the data from the analytics platform to test your in-store marketing. Heat maps show you high and low traffic areas of your store, as well as which displays attract the most attention.

With WingArc Retail Analytics you can easily test out new initiatives, and quickly make changes based on empirical data, to optimise for success.

Predictive Rostering

Predictive Rostering

If your customers see lengthy lines at the checkouts, or can't get help when they need it, then you're at risk of losing that sale to another store, or an online competitor.

Our predictive rostering capability gives you advanced notice of expected future store traffic, so you can plan your staffing arrangements to ensure you always have the right people on the floor at the right time, keeping staffing costs down and maximising revenue.

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