Video Analytics Traffic Counts

Use your existing security camera infrastructure to count traffic and generate heat maps of customer activity.

Capture and Conversion Rate
Integrate with Point of Sale data to calculate capture rate, conversions, and average transaction value.
Demand-Driven Rostering
Build staff rosters based on accurate traffic predictions. Use your resources efficiently and maximise sales potential.
Dashboard and Reporting
Understand store performance through interactive dashboards and automated scheduled reporting.

WingArc Retail Analytics delivers actionable intelligence for bricks and mortar retail.

A comprehensive retail analytics platform that levels the playing field for physical stores with deep insights into in-store customer behaviour. Now you can understand your customers — and potential customers — with data like never before, just like your online counterparts.

We leverage your existing security camera infrastructure to analyse activity wherever those cameras are pointing. That means you can track passing foot traffic, count customers entering and leaving the store, understand customer demographics, as well as monitor dwell times by fixture and see which areas of the store get the most and least traffic through intuitive heat maps.

In a world of ever more comprehensive data, can you afford not to be analysing store performance through advanced analytics?

Merchandise Scientifically with Retail Analytics


Accurately count, track, profile and report on every step of your customers’ in-store journey.

When you understand how shoppers are responding to your retail offer, you can merchandise scientifically and maximise sales.

Demand Driven Rostering


If your customers see lengthy lines at the checkouts, or can't get help when they need it, you're at risk of losing that sale to another store, or an online competitor.

Our smart, demand-driven rostering capability projects your future expected store traffic and helps you plan your staffing arrangements to ensure you always have the right people on the floor at the right time, while keeping staffing costs down and maximising revenue.

Data Driven Retail Experience


Use data to test your in-store marketing, with heat maps that show high and low traffic areas of your store and which displays attract the most attention.

Easily test out new initiatives, and quickly make changes based on empirical data, to optimise for success.