ISI 2015, Rio de Janeiro

This week, we’re exhibiting at the 60th World Statistics Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Organised by the International Statistics Institute, which is one of the world’s oldest scientific societies, the event brings together around 1,500 participants representing 113 countries. Delegates include national statistical organisations, government agencies and universities.

Some of the interesting developments we’ve heard about so far include IPUMS, which is a project from the University of Minnesota dedicated to collecting census data from around the world and harmonising it to enable and improve comparisons between countries.

UNICEF are also here highlighting the work they do with data relating to children around the world.

And we’re particularly looking forward to hearing Thanyani Maremba from Statistics South Africa speak tomorrow: he is presenting a talk on “Alternative Approaches to Knowledge Discovery in Official Statistics”.

Space-Time Research and Statistics South Africa at ISI 2015

If you are at the event, do come and visit us in the exhibition hall. We’d love to talk to you about what our data analytics and dissemination tools could do for you.

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