Real Time Data

No matter how quickly your data changes, MotionBoard can connect to and display the current position of your business with real time updates. Connect to sensors and other devices and see live data to help you make better informed decisions, more quickly.

And you can configure MotionBoard to persistently store the sensor data for longer term analysis and visualisation.

Real Time Data with Persistent Storage


With MotionBoard it is no longer necessary to actively monitor your BI dashboard. Now you can automatically receive alerts when particular events happen or specific thresholds are exceeded.

MotionBoard can send alerts by email, post messages to chat applications or automatically execute other applications.

Salesforce Chatter


Generate reports direct from your dashboards: populate Excel and PowerPoint files with the latest live business data. Reports can be generated automatically on a schedule or on demand for sharing throughout the organisation.

Generate Reports in Excel and Powerpoint

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