SuperTABLE is a basic, unsupported, table reader component of the SuperSTAR suite, which is provided for public end-users of our customers, Australian Bureau of Statistics and NCVER, under license arrangements with these customers.

Individual Use

SuperTABLE is provided for individual use only to end-users who register with WingArc Australia, and accept our SuperTABLE Terms and Conditions for use of this software. Please note that right to use is provided only to the registered end-user and the end-user does not have the right to distribute the software to other end-users, whether within the same organisation or not.

If you accept the SuperTABLE Terms and Conditions and wish to use SuperTABLE to view ABS and/or NCVER data, click the button below to start the SuperTABLE download. You can also use this option if you have an existing SuperTABLE installation and the license key has expired.

Please Note: SuperTABLE is provided free for individual use on an unsupported basis. If you require any support using the product, including assistance with downloading and installing the software, then please contact us to purchase a support contract.

Get SuperTABLE for Individual Use (Unsupported)

Organisational Use

If you require SuperTABLE for organisational use, including deployment within an organisation, or if you would like to view or disseminate your own data with SuperTABLE, you will require an organisational license.

Organisational Use

Instructions for Updating your License Key

If you have an existing version of SuperTABLE installed, and you see a message similar to the following when you attempt to start the application, then you will need to register again and download a new copy of SuperTABLE to update your license key.

SuperTABLE: License Expired

  1. Close SuperTABLE if it is running.
  2. Go to the Windows Control Panel and use the Uninstall a program option to remove your existing SuperTABLE installation.
  3. Complete the registration process above to download and install a new version of SuperTABLE 7.1.