Organisational Use

SuperTABLE is available for individual use only.

For organisational use, SuperCROSS is our fully supported desktop tabulation and analysis tool. This is a more advanced version of SuperTABLE, offering additional functionality that is not available in the basic SuperTABLE system.

SuperCROSS is an easy-to-use solution for analysing data at any level of detail, from raw data through to highly aggregated cross tabulations, all without the need for programming.

As an enterprise solution, it can scale to suit your deployment requirements – from one to thousands of desktops – and because it is fully supported, it comes backed with a full range of support and training services should you need them.

SuperCROSS is also part of the latest version of our SuperSTAR system. This is the common platform and database format for our current suite of client software. That means that by deploying SuperCROSS, you not only get a superior data analysis tool, you also have the potential to upgrade to a total information management system for your organisation, built on our SuperSTAR platform.

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