Publish Data
Easily share your data, safely and securely, with any audience you need to reach.

A fully self-service data discovery platform that gives your users the power to ask any question they like of the data.
Robust security features provide world class confidentiality and privacy protection Share sensitive data without compromising the privacy of the individuals in that data.
Visualise and Share
Visualise queries with graphs and maps, and share the results in a range of open standard outputs.

Our Open Data API allows the community to build apps, visualisations and innovative solutions using your data.

Trusted By the World’s Leading Data Organisations

Try SuperWEB2 Now

We’ve gathered together publicly-available data sets from Australia, the UK and the US in our SuperWEB2 demonstration. Try it now to see the power of open data for yourself.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

The UK’s Department for Work and Pensions uses SuperWEB2, rebranded as Stat-Xplore, for confidential dissemination of benefit data to the people of the UK.

Watch this video to hear from DWP’s Mike Payne, who describes how our tools underpin the department’s data strategy, allowing them to do more with their data than ever before, and more efficiently.

Open Data Dissemination with Advanced Privacy Protection

Easy To Use
No programming required. No complex tools to learn.

All the power of sophisticated data analytics, with support for huge tables and data sets with millions of records, right there in a standard web browser. Simply drag and drop to get started.
Charts and Maps
Visualise using a range of interactive charts, then download for reporting or sharing.

Generate interactive geographical thematic maps on-the-fly, giving an at-a-glance insight into regional data.
Secure and Confidential
Confidentiality is automatically applied on-the-fly, allowing you to share data securely.

Our solution is trusted by some of the world’s largest data-rich organisations to protect the privacy of individuals and businesses in their data.
No Custom Data Requests
Say goodbye to time consuming manual information requests. With SuperWEB2 your users can ask any question they want online without assistance, 24/7.
Rich Metadata

Easily add annotations to data sets, fields and classification values to give context and help your users understand your data.

Advanced Survey Support

Seamlessly handle weighted surveys using replicate weights and relative standard error (RSE) to guide your data slicing and dicing towards trustworthy results.

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