Berlin introduces on-line statistics

Access and Protection from A to Z

The Statistical Office for Berlin-Brandenburg  announces a new Web-based statistical information system  based on Space-Time Research’s SuperWEB.

Web-based  Statistical System

The new  information system, offers a menu of shared database information.  The system currently introduces convenient  access to data on population, migration and population from the micro-census . In preparation are statistics on the themes of tourism, higher education statistics and business registers.Follow the “Datenbank” link at the top of the Statistik-Berlin-Brandenburg homepage:

SuperWEB Confidential Access

The online system which provides the access to the Berlin-Brandenburg statistical database is based on Space-Time Research SuperWEB. Strict privacy protection and confidentiality regulations and technology using SuperWEB technology protect individual or organizational data and information. Convenient search options allow users easy access to create their own tables of statistical data.

The key advantages of the system are online, highly interactive access to data that was  previously only available in pre-defined printed PDF or Excel format.  Flexible, unique creation of data tables can now be defined by users with an interactive user interface


Statistics Berlin-Brandenburg  gathers, collects, processes, analyses and presents statistical information for the region of Berlin-Brandenburg.

Space-Time Research is the world leader in software that supports the Confidentilized Output Production, Dissemination, and Interactive and GIS-based Exploration of government statistical data.

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