Business Analytics Conference 2013

Space Time Research is proud to announce that we will be exhibiting our products at the 2nd Annual Public Sector Finance Series Business Analytics Conference.  At the Business Analytics Conference, there will be exciting opportunities to network and listen to presentations from Public Sector finance leaders at federal, state and local levels.

The theme for the Business Analytics Conference is:

“Achieving More Effective Resource-Allocation and Greater Accountability by Making Faster and Better-Informed Decisions Based on Insights into Current Trends and Future Developments”.


Public Sector financial managers have to demonstrate fiscal responsibility in an environment of ever decreasing budgetary allocations. Effective decisions have to be made against the backdrop of growing time pressures and increasingly complex information, volatile economic environments and the financial realities of government priorities. Business analytics are more than systems, they are a paradigm that provides senior decision-makers with insights to better understand current performance, accurately model or forecast future movements, identify room for efficiency improvements and drive better outcomes.

In case study presentations, financial leaders share their real-life insights into best practices and effective solutions for applying business analytics to financial management, planning and analysis in the Public Sector. Chief Financial Officers discuss in panel sessions how business insights allow their organisation to understand and move beyond current issues and adapt to changing environments. Expert commentaries provide insight into new and advanced methods for strategic planning and management accounting.


  • Collecting, tracking and analysing information for fact-driven financial decision-making
  • New tools for improving financial management capabilities anddriving efficiency
  • Using today’s complex information flow effectively to achieve planned outcomes
  • Integrating business analytics into operational processes to align outcomes with strategy


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