CDATA Online on Gov 2.0 Showcase

CDATA Online (SuperWEB) is one of the first applications to be included in the Australian Government 2.0 Showcase of Australian government innovation.

The Australian Government 2.0 showcase has been set up by the Department of Finance and Deregulation to create a gallery of Australian Government innovation in the Gov2.0 space.  The showcase will also be used to help government agencies and departments in pursuing their own Gov 2.0 agenda and projects.

Making Census Data Available with CDATA Online was submitted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics and Space-Time Research to the showcase in May 2010.  The Australian Bureau of Statistics is the first National Statical Office in the world to make the entire census dataset available online in an interactive way.  CDATA Online is an excellent example of early adoption of Government 2.0 – making data available to the citizens of the world in a useful way, while protecting the individual privacy of respondents.

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