SuperSTAR 8.0 to bring Confidentiality and Survey Data Firsts

February 2013, Space Time Research is pleased to announce that version 8.0 of its SuperSTAR product suite will be available in February, with existing customers invited to sign up for a limited pre-release trial from the end of November 2012.

Combining customer intelligence and the industry’s most skilled and innovative team of developers has been essential in creating a release that offers meaningful and highly desired new features.  Developed entirely in Australia, 8.0 supports the quest for open data, making it possible to manage, understand and share more than ever before.

This release now also offers new market-leading functionality for analysis and dissemination of survey data sets.  Along with exceeding customer demands for this exciting new survey functionality, the release will offer open data firsts in confidentiality for survey and non-survey data sets, giving greater options in protecting privacy without loss of speed and accuracy.  Additional duty of care capability has also been implemented to support meaningful analysis of data.

All this functionality has been recently delivered to our premier Australian customer for publishing their survey data, demonstrating robustness for large volumes of data.

Users ranging from data preparation specialists, analysts and statisticians, to individuals performing simple queries, have much to gain from significant upgrades.  Whether you are a methodologist enjoying the introduction of greatly enhanced ranging functionality, an organisation with the need for superior confidentiality, or external users now able to easily view mean and median results, the new SuperSTAR 8.0 makes it even easier to share insights.

“We have listened carefully to feedback from users and fed that into our design process.  When we created the previous version of SuperSTAR, we aimed to make it the very best option for gaining insights from complex data.  8.0 release will take innovation one step up, and will help organisations to use their data resources to make better decisions faster” said Steven Hulse, CEO of Space Time Research.

New features in SuperSTAR 8.0 include confidentiality for both continuous measures and discrete measures, using perturbation.  Combined with Space Time Research’s expert support, this gives organisations greater than ever control over confidentialisation when sharing data.

Databases will be shown hierarchically in SuperWEB for a familiar look and feel, and more logical management.  Ease of sharing has been a focus, whether accessing content between SuperVIEW and SuperWEB, or through notable enhancements to SDMX functionality.  Enhancements to SuperWEB also make it easier to build pre-navigation systems around it.

Performance will be a standout, helped by a table caching option in SuperWEB.  Survey database support has been enhanced.  Weighted continuous variables in SuperWEB make it possible to produce tables featuring the sum, median or mean of multiple continuous variables, meaning users can shift the focus of their query on the fly, without starting from scratch.

Other gains in functionality for SuperWEB include support for non-Western European characters, ranging support and use of mandatory fields added to tables to ensure more accurate interpretation of results.

One other highlight in 8.0 for SuperCROSS, our desktop product, is the ability for customers to now export all tables in SDMX 2.0 generic data format, preserving custom metadata.  This allows users to share data with less need for intervention.

The SuperSTAR product suite is ideally suited to easy exploration, analysis and dissemination.  It drives meaningful insights while ensuring protection of confidentiality, regardless of whether you are dealing with continuous measures such as income, or discrete measures such as customer counts.

Customers interested in a pre-release trial, or more information about the exciting new features in 8.0, can contact our Sales Manager, Mo Mazzaro, or a member of the Space Time Research team.

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