New UK Social Housing Insights A Hit With Users

The UK’s Department of Works and Pensions (DWP) recently launched its Stat-Xplore online tool, enabling users to access social housing statistics in a range of visualisations. Exceeding predictions, the tool was accessed by more than 3000 users on its first day of operation.

Driven by a web-based installation of the SuperSTAR suite, Stat-Xplore lets users perform queries to explore housing data, with results provided in an interactive chart. Thanks to SuperSTAR’s branched hierarchical classification support, users can readily switch between data breakdowns by region, local area or constituency, so that all different types of users are catered for.

Stat-Xplore visualisations can be shared via many popular social media tools including Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Following this successful first phase, Stat-Xplore will in future be expanded to allow users to make their own bespoke tabulations from data on a wider set of DWP benefits.

“The Stat-Xplore project is an excellent example of how the SuperSTAR suite can power user-friendly open data that allows organisations to share smarter insights with their communities. The DWP is deservedly receiving wide recognition for giving access in real time to enormous resources of confidentialised data,” said Steven Hulse, CEO of Space-Time Research.

For more information about the SuperSTAR product suite and online open data options, contact Space-Time Research.

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