SuperTABLE Downloads reach 10,000 on World Statistics Day

Space-Time Research announced today downloads of its no-charge SuperTABLE product has passed 10,000 copies in the last 13 months.

SuperTABLE is a version of the popular SuperSTAR tabulation and dissemination software suite.  SuperTABLE is provided in partnership with statistics agencies such as the Australian Bureau of Statistics and Statistics South Africa to tabulate and analyze specific data sets made by these agencies.

“Space-Time Research is proud to have been an active member of the world-wide statistics community for many years,” said Don McDougall, President & CEO. “It is exciting to reach this milestone of 10,000 free downloads on World Statistics Day and look forward to continuing to make this contribution to the development and use of data and statistics.”.  Students from universities such as Monash, Maquarie, and Queensland as well as consultants and all levels of government agencies are among the SuperTABLE users.

SuperCROSS/SuperTABLE support for SDMX

Space-Time Research has recently announced SuperSTAR support for the Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange (SDMX) 2.0 and DDI 3.1 and will soon expand that support to include SuperCROSS and a SuperTABLE version that can be made available in partnership with statistics agencies. Organizations wishing to share data will be able to produce SDMX output from SuperCROSS or SuperTABLE, improving interoperability with a growing number of SDMX tools and making it possible to share and exchange metadata-rich statistics.

World Statistics Day

Sponsored by the United Nations, the first World Statistics Day ( celebrates the many achievements of official statistics which are premised on the core values of services, professionalism, and integrity.  Space-Time Research customers such as the US Census Bureau (, the Australian Bureau of Statistics  are sponsoring events, communications, and education to promote awareness and trust of public statistics. The Facebook page is at

Further information is available on request.

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